The Times 2 Jumbo Crossword Book 4

The Times 2 Jumbo Crossword Book 4

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The Times 2 Jumbo Crossword is an entertaining test of word power and general knowledge. The 60 crosswords in this collection offer the same challenge as The Times 2 daily crossword but the larger grid means there are more clues to enjoy and some longer words and phrases to muse on.

The Times 2 Jumbo Crossword now appears weekly in the Saturday edition of The Times. It provides a constant alternative to The Times jumbo cryptic crossword.

The Times 2 Jumbo Crosswords are intended to be exactly the same type as the normal daily crossword in The Times 2 section with the same mixture of reasonably-challenging but not too recondite words and references.

The Times 2 Crossword editor, John Grimshaw, has selected 60 of the best crosswords from The Times to form this enjoyable collection.

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