The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World

The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World

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The latest edition of the world's most prestigious and authoritative world atlas, containing up-to-date world maps and thematic information curated by experts in geography and cartography.

The 14th edition contains over 200,000 place names. More than any other world atlas which means even small villages are included in the index and on the maps. It is a benchmark of cartographic excellence, trusted by governments, media and international organisations as well as being a go to reference source for households across the country.

•A treasured possession, our world as it is today in one single volume

•Independent – apolitical and neutral•Elegant and endlessly fascinating•Produced by the world’s leading atlas makers for over 100 years.•Bought by over 1 million people worldwide•Elegant packaging in an attractive slipcase•FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper

This is the perfect wedding, retirement or anniversary present for anyone looking to explore the world.

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  • ”No household that is curious about the world in which we live can afford to be without it”- Sir Max Hastings
  • ”The Greatest Book on Earth”- Sir Ranulph Fiennes
  • ”A total adventure”- Jon Snow