The Times Kings and Queens of the British Isles

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The monarchs who have ruled over them and the institution of monarchy itself have crucially shaped the history of the British Isles from the earliest times. This lavishly-illustrated book uses pictures, maps and an authoritative, readable text to tell their story.

From Hengist and Horsa to Queen Victoria, From Brian Boru and Hywel Dda to Mary Queen of Scots, the history of the British Isles has been crucially shaped by the monarchs who have ruled them.From the British rulers who fought against the Romans, through the Saxon chieftains who carved petty kingdoms through blood and bluff and on past the Norman conquest of England, The Times British Kings and Queens recounts the lives, the times and the achievements of these extraordinary men and women. Covering Ireland, Wales, Scotland as well as England, the book gives a comprehensive account of the history of the islands by focusing on the personalities who had most influence in shaping them.William the Conqueror, Owain Glendower, Macbeth and Henry VIII all take their place in the most complete account ever of the rulers of the British Isles. Vibrant pictures and stunning maps in the tradition of The Times History of the World complement and authoritative and informative text to provide a book that truly brings the past to life.Complete with lists of rulers, family trees and glossary, The Times British Kings and Queens is a work no-one interested in history or royalty can afford to be without.

Thomas Cussans