The Times Guide to the House of Commons 2017

The Times Guide to the House of Commons 2017

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The authoritative guide to the 2017 British general election results, charting the campaign, the results by constituency, the winning majorities, the voting patterns and the implications for the future.

Published since 1880, The Times Guide to the House of Commons is the definitive guide to Parliament and a trusted authority on UK politics. Compiled and written by leading political journalists and commentators, this edition offers a comprehensive survey of the historic 2017 general election. It charts the run-up to the election and includes full analysis of the outcome and the implications for Britain’s future.

An expert account of the historic events of the general election including:

• The voting patterns, MP profiles, including winning majority, and the current state of Britain’s parties

• In-depth election analysis, from the campaign trail to constituency results by Times political editor Francis Elliott

• How the pollsters fared, by Anthony Wells of YouGov

• Authoritative analysis of turnout, swing, voting patterns by Rallings and Thrasher, with extensive tables and data section

• The history and practicalities of hung parliaments by Dennis Kavanagh

Edited by Ian Brunskill
  • “well-researched and irreplaceable reference book for anyone who wants to know about the 650 MPs who represent us”Peter Riddell, Director of the Institute for Government
  • ”If this May saw a political earthquake, Brunskill and his team have published the etchings of the seismograph.”Prospect Magazine